About me

I have experienced a major health crisis and this has taught me a great deal about health, wellbeing and healing. I have been to see many different practitioners over the years, trained in various health related healing modalities and many of them helped me put pieces of the jigsaw together. Ultimately though, it was getting in touch with my own inner strength that has sustained me through long periods of illness and feeling stuck and has helped me to listen to my intuition, leading me on to finding the answers I needed.

I believe that any practitioner worth their salt wants to enable their clients to find their inner voice and get in touch with that place within that knows what they need and is not reliant forever in seeking answers ‘out there’ for evermore. There are so many different paths that you can take with trying to address health issues and it can be a very overwhelming experience trying to work out which one to try and it can be very distressing to put your hopes on one particular treatment or practice being ‘the one’ that will make everything right again. This process can use a lot of the energy you most need in healing and certainly also deplete your finances. I’m not suggesting that you don’t research for answers and make appointments with therapists and I will be writing a lot about the various therapies and treatments that have helped me with my health issues. However, I am suggesting that looking at the big picture of your life may help in finding the clues to unlock your healing potential.

If you find that you have a situation where there is no clear cut diagnosis or treatment plan then you may have a dis-ease that needs a more holistic approach that takes account of body, mind and spirit. I am in the process of ongoing recovery from M.E which is a condition or health picture that inevitably affects the whole of a sufferers physical and emotional experience of life. On a positive note, without wishing to sound cliche, these immense challenges have been a great teacher to me. I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like without these experiences. Easier I’m sure, but I’m not sure I would have learned about so many things which have become a rich and exciting part of my life and they have made me appreciate what I am now able to do.


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