The love of music 

I get really confused when people say that they don’t like music or are not bothered about it. To me it’s like saying you don’t like eating or sleeping. Music has always been an everyday part of my life; therapy, entertainment, catharsis, company. When I felt isolated and shy as a teenager it gave me confidence and a way to express my emotions. When I was feeling well I was excited to go and see live music. When I was feeling inspired I would make playlists of songs that made feel good listening when I needed an energy or mood boost. Having a passion, interest or hobby can help anchor you when you are living with or recovering from illness or other life challenges. For a long time I wasn’t able to go out much and ‘do’ things, but music was always there for me, like a friend. Even now, parenting a toddler, I find that music eases my tiredness, soothes my frazzled nerves and brings out my playful side. Dancing around in the kitchen with my son is a very joyful pastime.

How many times in your life have you associated a particular event with a piece of music or a song? Music is literally the soundtrack to our lives. There are songs that come on on the radio that light up my face with excitement and I start singing and even dancing along. ‘Dad dancing’!! There are other songs or pieces that almost immediately bring me to tears of sadness as they are connected to a significant memory. Others move me purely from the beauty of their melody or lyrics. I think music will always be an important part of my life. Sometimes I wish I had a talent for playing an instrument but I will happily settle for singing in the shower or to my son when I take him to bed at night.





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