Be Yourself

I originally planned to write a blog with a title including CFS or ME in it as a lot of what I am going to write about has been influenced by my experience of Chronic Fatigue. I have been living with ME/ CFS since childhood and now consider myself to be in on-going recovering. It has been a very long journey, at times very painful but this experience has given me many valuable insights along the way. There is so much on the internet about how it is an illness that is either possible to cure really quickly or not at all. Believe me, I’ve tried most of the remedies and treatments and I would say that it is possible to recover your health but there is certainly no quick fix. I don’t think it’s possible to recover and be the same person living the same kind of lifestyle you had before ME but I also think that this is no bad thing because being in recovery can make you see life and live life in a whole new way that is supportive to your needs in a way that life before it wasn’t. This is why I have called this post Be Yourself because I think this is crucial to recovery. What I mean by Be Yourself is getting to know your needs and desires on a deep level. There are many different triggers for ME/CFS but I think they are all stress related in some way, whether environmental, physical, emotional, or spiritual. This is on top of a predisposition to ME that I believe has a genetic basis too.

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